About Me

400 Pounds and Miserable

I was eating myself to an early grave. I didn't exercise, I lived alone, depressed and lonely. Eating brought me joy and comfort for a short time. i kept dreaming one day I will have this awesome life, I will have a beautiful body, and I will find that special someone! However I was dreaming of this wonderful life while sitting on the couch eating potato chips.


The Lifestye Change

I decided that I had enough of dreaming of the life I wanted and decided to change my life. I started the Pacific Crest Trail at the border of Mexico on January 30th 2019 with a goal to hike to drop 200 pounds and create the life I have always dreamed of having!

Now that I am off the trail and down nearly 100 pounds I am continuing to work hard to complete my goals of creating a better, happier and longer life!

photographer: Tommy Corey (aka: Twerkinthedirt) support his work: https://www.tommycorey.com/bookprints